Hello Reader 🙂

My name is Dawid, and I’m the one behind the CodeJourney.net website you’re visiting right now 😉

About CodeJourney.net

The goal of this website is to improve your programming skills, by presenting you software development concepts in an easy way.

I love to share my knowledge with you and hope to make your struggles a bit more painless 😀

I’m also a digital nomad and a big traveling lover, and I think that programming has a lot in common with traveling:

  • while travelers constantly look for new places to visit, programmers strive to learn new frameworks and technologies
  • while travelers pack their backpacks with all necessary items, programmers customize their IDEs and tools
  • while travelers traverse a lot of switchback roads on their way, programmers meet a lot of frustrating issues during software development
  • while travelers organize their trips to countries unreachable for everyone else, programmers manage to learn advanced programming languages
  • while travelers help others organize their own trips with their experience, programmers help other software developers by sharing their knowledge.

The last point is absolutely crucial for me. I think that all the knowledge we possess should be shared, so others can benefit from it. That’s what I’ve been doing on this blog and I hope you find it useful :

About the author

I’m Dawid Sibiński and I’m a passionate full stack developer, currently working with C# (ASP.NET, WPF) and TypeScript (mostly React).

After work, I’m exploring new web development frameworks and platforms (like NextJS or Firebase). Since the middle of 2019, I’ve been traveling the world. During this time, I lived in several countries in Asia and Europe.

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