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DajSiePoznac2017 – summary

It has just started… but yes, today isΒ the last day of DajSiePoznac2017Β and it’s officially my last blog post for the competition. It feels weird somehow… πŸ˜‰

Time to sum it up!
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MoneyBack – requirements, functionalities and technologies

Hello again πŸ™‚ It’s been a short while, WROC# conference was held in the meantime (it was great, by the way), but it’s time to write again. Write about DSP. More precisely: about MoneyBack, my project for the competition.
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Hello DajSiePoznac2017 !

Today I’d like to say “hello” to the programming competition Daj Sie Poznac 2017 (en.Β Get Noticed) Β which I decided to take part in. For those who don’t know, DSP is organized by Maciej Aniserowicz, the owner of blog, and it’s already its third edition this year.
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