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Hey guys, I hope you’re doing well 🙂

Today I’d like to announce you a change that will happen on my blog in the days to come, so you’re not surprised post factum 😉

Purpose of this blog

I’ve actually never defined why I conduct this blog and what’s the purpose of it. When I started in the beginning of 2016, I planned to launch my own technical blog to have a single place in which I collect some useful information about software development, mostly for myself. This was the main idea at that time.


Then I didn’t write anything here for some time, until the Daj Się Poznać (en. Get Noticed) programming competition begun, in which I decided to take part. It kind of forced me to publish 2 blog posts per week and it was the moment when you – my Dear Readers 🙂 – started more actively consuming and interacting with my content.


By that time I noticed that some of you find my articles really useful. I started receiving emails with programming questions and I was crazily happy when I could solve someone else’s problem and help them go further. There are not many things in life that motivate that much as pushing someone towards his/her goal by sharing your own knowledge, which you anyway possess. Sharing knowledge, which is useful for someone else is really addicting and making me willing to do more.


That’s how I came to the conclusion that here, in my tiny own place on the Internet, I’d like to help you get closer to your goals. I’d like to achieve it by sharing my knowledge and showing you that some at a glance complex concepts can turn out to be very easy when properly explained. These will be mostly programming goals, as this blog is about software development.


I think that sharing knowledge we already have is our common duty. I’ll keep publishing useful – I hope 😉 – articles on this blog, mostly on programming, to allow you to obtain the same knowledge which I possess and maybe omit some mistakes I made gaining it. As long as this makes your skills even a small bit better, I’ll keep doing it as it also helps me by bringing a huge amount of self-satisfaction. Knowing that I could make your programming journey less painful is a great reward 😉


As my website’s name and URL – – is (or was? 😉 ) kind of personal, I decided to rename it. The goal of this change is to make it more content-oriented. The new name (and address) of my blog is going to be Actually, you can already use this link, but for now it just redirects to the old URL.

Why CodeJourney?

Why did I choose such a name? Apart from software development, I love traveling in my spare time. I think that programming is somehow similar to traveling:

  • looking for and choosing a new place or country to visit ==> looking for a new framework/technology to learn
  • packing your traveler’s backpack with all necessary items ==> preparing your developer’s tools and IDEs
  • hiking or traversing switchback roads ==> meeting issues during development
  • … etc.

Visiting inaccessible or not very touristic countries seems unreachable sometimes, but it often turns out to be easier than you’d expect. There are also other travelers who already visited the place you want to see – they are eager to share their knowledge to make your journey smooth, helping you to avoid the common mistakes which they maybe made themselves.


I think that we, as software developers, form similar community to travelers – we explore different technologies and meet a lot of issues on our way to the goal. That’s why it should be our mission to help others making their coding journey easier and straight to the point. One day, for sure, someone else’s knowledge will be a lifesaver for ourselves 😉

What’s next?

So what does it mean to you, my Dear Readers? In the next several days, this website’s address will be changed to Of course I’ll make sure that all old URLs still work and point to the correct articles, but be prepared that something may not work correctly during the changes period.

Next step will be a new layout of the blog – I’ll modify it a bit to be more readable and attractive, I hope 🙂

It also means that in the next weeks activity on the blog will be a bit lower, but after the rebranding is finished you can expect a loooot of new stuff here 😉

Last, but not least, we’re going to have a new awesome logo! See below 😀



Wrapping up, I’d like to thank all of you for being active readers of my blog so far 🙂 Thank you for every minute you spent here, every comment you left, every email you sent and every of my posts you shared in your social media. It would make no sense without you, folks! 😉

I hope you’ll stay with me on this new, exciting code journey 😉

Stay tuned!

.NET full stack web developer & digital nomad
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